Assisting humans, performing services useful to the well-being of humans or equipment, in hospitals, offices and public places.

SIGA Robots

Santander’s Interactive Guest Assistant (SIGA) Robots. Integrated in a joint interactive project with another Portuguese company, IDMind developed a fleet of indoor autonomous mobile robots that guide visitors to the Visitor’s Centre of the “Ciudad Grupo Santander”, near Madrid, Spain.

Visitors to these facilities may request a robot to conduct them to the meeting place. The robots work autonomously; they self-locate and move around without colliding with any object or person using a set of sensors.

This installation has been running continuously, on a 24/7 basis, for more than five years. IDMind was responsible for the study of requisites, for the development of the robots’ electronics and mechanical systems, and for the low-level software development.


IDMind developed the SocialRobot in the scope of EU FP7 Social Robot project. The Social Robot project targets the development of an integrated robot solution, composed of robotic and ICT-based care&wellness services, to support seniors to remain active and independent in their preferred environment.

The SocialRobot was built over IDMind’s differential platform. Besides the sensors for autonomous navigation, the robot integrates different interaction devices: capacitive touchscreen, RGBD camera, and LEDs.

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