OMNI is an omnidirectional indoor platform based on a 4 Mecanum wheel configuration. It is adaptable to a variety of applications, such as indoor navigation, sensor fusion, coordination, vision, among others. OMNI is a nimble and dependable platform, capable of high acceleration and speed values. There are several optional sensors that provide this product with the flexibility to be used in several kinds of applications.

 Specifications of the base version:

  • Robot kinematics: omnidirectional with 4 Mecanum wheels
  • Robot weight: 24 Kg (with batteries)
  • Payload capacity: 30 Kg
  • Battery autonomy: 4 to 6 hours
  • Maximum Velocity: 2.5 m/s
  • Actuators: 4 DC motors for locomotion
  • Sensors: battery level; motor encoders; IMU; omnidirectional bumper; ground sensors; 12 sonars (optional); 2 LRFs (optional)
  • Installed Electronics Boards: Sensor&Management Board, Motor Control Board; Mini-ITX computer Board with i7 CPU, RAM and SSD

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