Designed to operate in environments hostile to the human presence, or otherwise not reachable, it can be used as a work platform for search and rescue operations and associated research. This robot is fully adequate for the Robocup Rescue competition.

RAPOSA is prepared to accommodate a mini-ITX based computer and different onboard sensors.


Standard Version Features:

  • Differential drive (DC motors w/ encoders)
  • Front body tilt w/ DC motor
  • USB PID Controller
  • 2 LiPo batteries 25.9V 6400mAh
  • Size: 84x47x18 cm
  • Weight: 19.5Kg with batteries
  • Payload: 30Kg
  • Climb Slope Capability: 50 degrees
  • Maximum Velocity w/o payload: 1.2 m/s
  • Autonomy: 2 to 5 hours

Price: 12.900 Euro (VAT not included)

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Optional Devices

  • Mini-ITX onboard PC
  • Frontal pan&tilt vision system
  • Thermal camera
  • Backward camera
  • External drive-assist unit
  • GPS
  • Inclinometers
  • Environment sensors
  • Microphones
  • High-bright front illuminating leds
  • External DC power source

There is also the possibility to adapt other sensors, or to develop new systems suiting your needs.