Robots made to

work in hazardous environments


IDMind is developing this robot in the scope of TOTAL’s ARGOS Challenge. IDMind integrates team FoxIris, one of the five finalists chosen by the oil company TOTAL to enter the challenge of building an Autonomous Robot for Gas & Oil Sites (ARGOS).

FoxIris must be capable of autonomous operation in a harsh industrial environment and its design must be compliant with IP67 and ATEX/IECEx standards.


RAPOSA can be a valuable tool for remote inspection operations, through the use of specific sensors the operator can be installed in safe place while receiving remote information from the robot.

Robot main features:

(1) good mobility over different terrains/structures, e.g., stairs or narrow courses;

(2) possibility of installation of different on-board cameras including a thermal camera;

(3) possibility of installation of environmental sensors, e.g., temperature, humidity and hazardous harmful gases;

(4) other add-on sensors and actuators can extend RAPOSA capabilities adapting it to a specific task, e.g., inspection of potentially harmful substances.

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