Robots made to

interact with people in multiple environments


Elmo is a tabletop solution that was developed by IDMind to be an embodiment of a telepresence or interface.
It can reach a plethora of end users – from individuals to professionals – by increasing the dynamics in remote work/collaborations; facilitating healthcare and medical applications; improving long-distance education and learning, long-distance family and social connections, accessibility, and inclusion; acting as personal assistance, home monitoring, emergency response; or just be an entertainment or companion source.


This robot developed by IDMind has been integrated in a interactive project of YDreams for the Brazil’s Banco Bradesco. This robot, nicknamed Link 237, greets and provides assistance to visitors in a new branch of this Bank, called Bradesco Next, located in São Paulo’s high-end JK Iguatemi Mall.

The robots work autonomously. They self-locate and move around without colliding with any object or person using a set of sensors. IDMind’s 2WD solution was customized to fit into this Bradesco’s funny pre-existing advertisement animation character.


IDMind developed the MBOT robot in the scope of EU FP7 project MOnarCH. The MOnarCH project focus social robotics using networked heterogeneous robots and sensors to interact with children, staff, and visitors, engaging in edutainment activities in the pediatric infirmary at the Portuguese Oncology Institute at Lisbon (IPOL), Portugal.

The MBOT was built over IDMind’s omni robot. Besides the sensors for autonomous navigation, the robot integrates different interaction devices: capacitive touchscreen, RGBD cameras, LEDs, video projector and RFID reader.

MBot is a nimble and dependable robot, with an engaging appearance (children love its appearance), composed of a distinct set of features that makes it an excellent choice for many other applications beyond the project’s case-study.



FROG, the Fun Robotic Outdoor Guide, was developed by IDMind in the scope of EU FP7 project FROG. This project proposes to develop a guide robot with a winning personality and behaviours to engage tourists in a fun exploration of outdoor attractions.

FROG was built over IDMind’s 4WD robot. It integrates different technologies to navigate autonomously in an outdoor environment, to identify groups of people and to analyse their level of engagment with the robot. Different experiments were performed with the robot in the Royal Alcázar of Seville and in the Lisbon Zoo.



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