FROG: Fun Robotic Outdoor Guide [Oct 2011 – Oct 2014]

Development of an outdoor guide robot with a winning personality and behaviours to engage tourists in a fun exploration of outdoor attractions.

Involved Partners: University of Amsterdam (UvA), IDMind (IDM), Universidad Pablo de Olavide (UPO), Imperial College of Science Technology and Medicine (ICL), University of Twente (UT)

Research Interests: People detection, tracking and body pose recognition (UvA); Outdoor navigation in crowded scenarios (UPO); Robot platform development and system integration (IDM); Vision-based human tracking and affective behaviour understanding (ICL); Human robot interaction strategies and usability evaluation (UT).

Collaborative project under the FP7-ICT-2011.2.1 Cognitive Systems and Robotics (a), (d) area of activity.

ROBOSWARM [Nov 2006 – Apr 2009]

knowledge environment for interacting ROBOt SWARMs

The aim of the ROBOSWARM project was in the development of an open knowledge environment for self-configurable, self-learning and robust robot swarms usable in domestic and public area applications – cleaning, patrolling, semantic mapping, escorting and other. This project was supported within the IST priority of the Sixth Framework.

Partners: IDMind (Portugal), Fatronik (Spain), ELIKO (Estonia), TUT (Estonia), Inria (France), HUT (Finland), U. of Oulu (Finland), KTH (Sweden), UGDIST (Italy)

IDMind Role: leader of system integration task

RAPOSA [Mar 2003 – Mar 2005]

Semi-Autonomous Search & Rescue Robot

The project goal was the construction of a Search and Rescue (SaR) robot, designed to operate in environments hostile to human presence or otherwise not reachable, like those resulting from an earthquake.

Partnership project supported by Agencia de Inovacao (ADI) through the POSI program, envolving the following partners: IDMind (project leader); Instituto Superior Tecnico (IST/ISR); Regimento de Sapadores Bombeiros de Lisboa (RSBL); University of South Florida – Perceptual Robotics Laboratory (USF/PRL).

IDMind role: mechanics, electronics and embedded systems

This project was among the four finalists for the “EURON 2006 Technology Transfer Award”.

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