ROVID [Jul 2020 – May 2021]

RObot for VIrus Disinfection

The ROVID project aims the development of a robotic solution that will serve as a disinfectant tool to be used in shared indoor spaces. It is expected that this project results in a mobile, autonomous solution with an intelligent disinfection system capable of inactivating SARS-CoV-2 virus in indoor spaces. This will be possible through the action of two robots: one equipped with Ultraviolet type C light system and the other with a disinfectant nebulizer system.

Project webpage:


DE-ENIGMA [Fev 2016 – Aug 2019]

Playfully Empowering Autistic Children

The project aims to create and evaluate the effectiveness of robot-based technology as an integral part of the psychoeducational therapy for children with ASC.

The Consortium is formed by five academic research institutions, ASC experts and one SME.

IDMind is leading the overall system integration and validation.

DE-ENIGMA is a collaborative project under EU H2020

Project webpage:

SIAR [Jan 2016 – Sep 2018]

Sewer Inspection Autonomous Robot

The SIAR project is developing a fully autonomous ground robot able to autonomously navigate and inspect the sewage system with a minimal human intervention, and with the possibility of manually controlling the vehicle or the sensor payload when required.

The SIAR consortium is leaded by IDMind and includes also two universities

IDMind is leading the construction of the locomotion platform.

The project is being developed in the scope of the ECHORD++ (FP7 funding)

Project webpage:

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