Robots made to

assist workers and perform repetitive daily tasks


A service robot developed by IDMind is one of the most recent co-workers of the Champalimaud Clinical Centre. This autonomous robot is helping healthcare professionals in the execution of their daily tasks by performing a repetitive task of transporting medications.

SIGA Robots

Santander’s Interactive Guest Assistant (SIGA) Robots. Integrated in a joint interactive project with another Portuguese company, IDMind developed a fleet of indoor autonomous mobile robots that guide visitors to the Visitor’s Centre of the “Ciudad Grupo Santander”, near Madrid, Spain.

Visitors to these facilities may request a robot to conduct them to the meeting place. The robots work autonomously; they self-locate and move around without colliding with any object or person using a set of sensors.

This installation has been running continuously, on a 24/7 basis, for more than five years. IDMind was responsible for the study of requisites, for the development of the robots’ electronics and mechanical systems, and for the low-level software development.

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