materializing concept ideas into product prototypes

FM Stream Box

Robust FM radio streamer developed for SAPO, the biggest Internet portal in Portugal. Project developed in partnership with ArticaCC and ADDAC System on a 6U rack solution to broadcast radio signals to the internet. The rack is composed of 18 hot-swappable modules for radio signal streaming and 2 fixed for power management. Each radio module has a Raspberry Pi (Revision b), an Arduino Nano AtMega 328 and a Silicon Labs Si4705 FM receiver chip.

The unit can be easily installed by non tech people, placed anywhere on the world and get local radios automatically broadcasting to the internet. The FM radio streamer has been installed in Angola, Cabo Verde, Mozambique and East Timor.


IDMind developed the mechanics for the prototype of an automous lawn mower for golf courses, a product that has been developed by SelfTech and that is predicted to come out to the market soon. Based on SelfTech’s specifications and through a close collaboration with this company, IDMind mechanical designers gave body to the kinematics of the vehicle, including the incorporation of the cutting devices, batteries and different sensors and actuators. The mechanical design took also in consideration the expected external appearance and operational restrictions.

Arm Pointer

Within the development of the FROG robot, the final solution required the inclusion of a arm pointer. A kind of third “eye” of the robot that could represent the gaze of the robot. IDMind developed this simple USB controlled 3DOF arm pointer which can incorporate a laser pointer or a web cam. Aesthetics concerns drived the design of the solution.

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